Holding Hands


Holding Hands

Brain Tumour Awareness Walk

Project X works alongside the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada to help coordinate and organize the annual awareness walks. Volunteers may help by:

  • Setting up the Project X booth

  • Assemble around the start and end of the walk

  • Package snacks for after the walk

  • Etc.

Holding Hands

Mental Health Coping Kits

One of our newest projects, and one that we hope to continue with the years to come, is the development and distribution of mental health coping kits. These packages are catered to families of pediatric brain tumour inpatients to help them better cope with the anxiety that comes with such unforeseen circumstances.  As a volunteer, you will aid with:

  • Assembly of these coping kits

  • Distribution of these kits to various facilities*

  • Etc.

* A member of the team will join you in distributing the packages 

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