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Shreya Gandhi

​As the daughter of a brain tumor survivor, I understand the harsh impact that a diagnosis can have on an individual's life. The recovery process after a life-debilitating tumor/illness can be a long and lonely journey.  My mom's strength and positive attitude through her countless surgeries have been a constant source of inspiration for both my brother and I. Through Project X, I hope to pay it forward and similarly inspire others to always support those in need, foster an open communication network, and spread happiness. Who will you inspire?


Visale Balarajah

 Giving back to the community was always a vital part of my life, and after hearing Shreya's story, I knew just how I could achieve that. Project X has helped so many youth in informing them about brain tumours and unraveling the many myths around the topic. Seeing the impact we have on the people around us is what made Project X successful to this day. I can't wait to continue on this journey and watch the Project X family grow, inspiring others along the way.

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