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Never Alone


About Us

Why X?

Two journeys embarked on alone will always cross paths in support of each other, forming the letter X.

From humble beginnings at a local high school to raise brain tumour awareness among youth, Project X launched in 2016 to aid the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada with their annual Awareness Walks. Seeing excitement and willingness among youth to help those around them, Project X quickly became a network of like-minded advocates that regularly visit local Hospitals with care packages for pediatric inpatients. Expanding to a team of over 100 student volunteers, Project X now strives to further assist families in need by providing free and flexible educational resources that guide them through their brain tumour journey.  

Project X



Project X strives to ease the burden of a brain tumor diagnosis by providing families with free and flexible educational resources. We are committed to providing families with the education and support that they need so they never have to walk their journey alone.

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